About us

Ripple Heights is a non-profit organisation located in London, United Kingdom with the primary aim of helping community development in Africa. Our strong hold is to combat poverty and help disadvantaged people living in deplorable conditions in Africa, live a better life with access to basic amenities.

We have designed a model that is focus on alleviating poverty and improving quality of life. Our team will invest energy, time, skills and resources to deliver both community and humanitarian projects to empower people and create change. Our strategy is unique and next to none in bringing People, Partners and Resources together to develop a long lasting positive change in Africa. Being a non-profit organisation, we rely on donations to create sufficient opportunities for our volunteers needed to fulfil the desires and needs of communities in need. We assist the local craftsmen, fabric artists and jewellery makers to sustain themselves and their families.

Ripple Heights understands the challenges of single teenage mothers and support them in selling their crafts to raise funds.  We also focus on transforming agricultural conditions as well. To do so, we assist farmers in increasing their harvest and selling the produce in thriving markets. With consistent support and direct links to markets, we ensure these people get resources to lift themselves out of poor living conditions.

We believe in promoting the realisation of equality for poor people to facilitate their significant inclusion in all aspects of life. To achieve this, we welcome everyone who is interested in joining hands with us in carving a prosperous and fortunate world for communities living below the poverty line. Our vision is making Africa a country where every needy enjoys equal access to the basic necessities and are able to achieve their full potential.


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